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The Changethu family is proud with a long and excellent tradition in Ayurveda. The family history claims to date back to 17th Century, when Kandararu, the then head of the Changethu family got initiated into the practice of Ayurveda by the famous Vaidyan Nambi who belonged to the celebrated Alathur faimily of Ashtavaidyas. This long legacy helped the family in gaining in-depth knowledge in diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. Not only that, the Changethu family acquired proficiency in the treatment of various ailings, especially those related to the vertebra and the spine including spondylitis, spondylosis, disc prolapse, disc herniation, disc dehydration, scoliosis and the like.

The long lineage enabled the Changethu family to collect and preserve rare, ancient palm-leaf manuscripts on diseases and their treatment as well as medicinal preparations. This vast pool of knowledge enables Changethu to provide precise solutions in dealing health problems, an edge that helped them to emerge as the most trusted and sought-after Ayurveda Vaidya Sala in South Kerala.

Each generation in the long lineage saw stalwarts like Ayyappan Pillai, Narayana Kurup, Govinda Pillai, and Vaidyakalanidhi Bhaskara Pillai contributing significantly in spreading the healing dogma of Ayurveda. This trail-blazing tradition is continued by the present exponent Dr. C. B. Vipinachandran Nair (BAM), the illustrious son of Late Vaidyakalanidhi Bhaskara Pillai. Widely admired for his exceptional diagnostic skill and treatment, Dr. Vipinachandran Nair is the torch bearer safeguarding the Changethu tradition of excellence in Ayurveda.

The reputation of extra ordinary excellence in the field of Ayurveda transpired generations to generation through stringent training in traditional Ayurveda enriched by knowledge procured through modern education is the advantage that the physicians of this generation in Changethu enjoys. The Changethu legacy continues to the next generation through Dr. C. V. Sai Krishna BAMS, MD, son of Dr. Vipinachandran who had completed his BAMS Degree from Amrita University and joined his father in pursuing the family tradition and the daughter, Sai Kiran is initiated in to the field by enrolling for BAMS in Mannam Memorial Ayurveda College, Pandalam.

Other expert doctors extending their services at Changethu Ayurvedic Hospital are:
Dr. Sindhu (BAMS), specialising in Ayurvedic skin treatment
Dr. Aiswarya (BAMS), specialising in Peadiatrics
Dr.Arathi krishnan BAMS ,MD (Kochi Branch)
Dr.Sukanya BAMS

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