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At Changethu Ayurveda, we offer both inpatient and outpatient services. Both IP & OP wings are well equipped & All our team members are trained for all Highly effective Ayurveda Treatment Protocols. Customized treatment modules are designed for every patient by our physicians.

To facilitate complete relaxation & rejuvenation, we have walk trails within our property where you can go for a short walk and enjoy the nature. Our in-patient accommodations are either single or twin bedrooms. Most of the Suite rooms are equipped with a Landline, Satellite Television, Air Conditioning and a private Veranda.

Our efficient house-keeping regimes keep all rooms very clean. We have separate Treatment rooms with utmost privacy for male and female patients. Changethu Ayurveda is the right place to Relax your mind and body, where the traditional method of healing puts you in the right mood.

We also have round the clock security, Mini library, an indoor activity room and Prayer Hall. Our Guest Services Team is just a bell away for any help you might need !

Walk Trail

Herbal Garden

Airport Transfer & Pickup


Mini Library

Cable Television

Mail & Courier Service

Internet & WiFi

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