Uterus Prolapse

Uterine Prolapse is one of the common gynaecological disorders found in women, these days. Uterine Prolapse is a condition when the uterus slides or falls from its normal position to the vaginal area. Muscles and ligaments hold the uterus in position in the pelvis. When the strength of the muscles and ligaments weakens, the uterus begins to slide down to the vaginal canal. This condition is normally found in women who have one or more normal deliveries. The common symptoms include lower back pain, frequent urinary bladder infections, frequent urination, pain and difficulty during intercourse, increased vaginal discharge, bleeding and the like.

Changethu’s long tradition in treating such disorders enable us to offer an effective combination of manipulations and correction of pelvic area and pelvic-vertibrae alignment, along with specially prepared ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma, to deal with Uterine Prolapse condition. Internal medicines prescribed for strengthening of the muscles and ligaments are avarthanams like Dhanwantharam (21), Sukumaram (21) and the like.