The Ayurvedic Perspective on Rheumatoid Arthritis

For people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is not very easy for a day to pass. On a regular basis, they experience pain and stiffness, which are common arthritis symptoms and can face additional challenges, like difficulty in getting sleep. Though it usually affects the joints, in some patients the disorder can harm a number of different body systems, such as the skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and blood vessels.

What are the causes?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is one of the two commonest disorders of Arthritis, the other being Osteoarthritis. In Ayurveda, RA is referred to as Amavata and is viewed as an immune system disorder due to toxic accumulation. It makes up 15% of all rheumatic illnesses, and it affects more women than men. It is likely to occur when there is a very high level of accumulated ‘ama” or toxins in the body. The Ama enters the body’s pathways along with irritated Vata and Pitta and starts to have an impact on Ojas or the biological energy that represents the body’s water element. Together with Ama, Ojas begins to operate inappropriately and this causes the inflammatory reactions, discomfort, and pain that are associated with this version of arthritis. Kerala Ayurveda prescribes effective ways to get rid of arthritis pain through medication and lifestyle changes

Arthritis Symptoms and Challenges

Pain, tenderness, stiffness or inflammation in more than one joint is the most widespread symptom of RA. Other symptoms include weight loss. fever, fatigue and weakness.
It is not necessary that the symptoms persist for a longer period. They may come and go. If you have multiple symptoms and a lot of inflammation, it is called a flare. A flare can last for days or months.
RA damages the lining of your joints, causing a painful swelling that may eventually lead to bone erosion and joint deformity. Severe rheumatoid arthritis can even result in physical limitations.

RA and Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a holistic approach that focuses on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Kerala Ayurveda treatment may aid patients in relieving inflammation and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups. It recommends a systematic treatment methodology where diet and exercise are also focussed along with the intake of ayurvedic medicines and supplements. According to a study, Ayurveda is considered to be effective in:
● reducing inflammation
● easing RA symptoms
● limiting flare-ups

What Can you do?

There is no easy way out of RA. You can manage the symptoms and get relief from the severe pain and discomfort you are possibly experiencing.

● Warm up your joints.

Heat therapy could be a great help to arthritis pain. Heat may help relieve joint pain and stiffness. Use hot bags or warm clothes to gently warm up the stiff joints, especially in the mornings or after long inactivity. Warm showers are also helpful.

● Exercise is a must

While stretching and exercise may seem illogical given the pain and stiffness associated with RA, light exercises like walking and yoga might help with flexibility and range of motion problems. While it’s important to try to be physically active even during a flare, rest is also crucial when RA is active and joints feel painful, swollen, or stiff.

● Take care of the Diet

Try to consume food items that have anti-inflammatory properties. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts, etc should all be a part of your diet. Make sure you consume well-balanced, easily digestible foods.

● Ensure good sleep

A good sleep cycle is essential for a healthy body. try to get enough rest and sleep so that your body can revive and rejuvenate itself.

Treatment for Arthritis

Ayurveda is a proven branch of natural medicine with effective treatments for most illnesses. Changethu Ayurveda hospital is the best Ayurveda hospital in Kerala with a tradition of more than 300 years. We provide special packages for arthritis treatment. Visit our hospitals in Pathanamthitta, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram or check out for details at

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